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Contact Denver Locksmith: Changing the Lock in an Apartment

A break in, lockout or a split up can create challenges for a person who lives in an apartment.   Denver Locksmith notes that while it is tempting to change the locks yourself, you should probably not do that here is why?

A: You are not the owner

Renters have rights, so do owners.  One right an owner has is to access to the apartment.   Denver locksmith reminds you that as a renter one right you do not have is to deny access to the landlord in the following situations.

Denver Locksmith

Denver Locksmith


Denver locksmith

-          Fire: The landlord or the representative of the landlord may be asked by the fire department to give them keys to enter the building in the event of a fire.  Denver Locksmith notes that in a fire situation the fire department will simply breach the door, but in some cases they may ask for the keys.

-          Flooding:  Sometimes flooding happens.  Denver Locksmith notes that the landlord may need to check the apartment below and also get in to the apartment above where flooding is happening to turn water off.  Not being able to enter can create serious problems.   Denver locksmith notes that you could be liable for damages due to the fact that landlord could not stop the flooding or could not prevent further damage to lower floors because of barred doors.

-          Medical emergencies:  Seconds count in an emergency, short of breaching he door a medical team will ask the landlord to open the door.   Denver Locksmith strongly suggests that you take note of the risk of death increases should a medical team not be able to get in the unit quickly.


B: Non emergency access


Landlords may want to inspect the apartment for damage or to show it to a prospective renter.  You should note that a landlord is going to ask before entering the suite, usually 24 hours ahead.  Denver Locksmith points out that if you have changed the locks a landlord will not be able to do or have work done that is necessary to stay within building codes.  If the crew he has hired to do a job in your apartment can not gain entry the landlord most likely will still be required to pay for the time the team was there.  Denver Locksmith wants you to know that you could find yourself being billed for that crew’s time.  Getting evicted for breaking the lease is also a strong possibility.   Denver Locksmith suggests doing the following.


-          Discuss changing the locks:  If you want to have the locks changed speak with the landlord or his representative.  Never do it yourself and never ask a locksmith to do it without the landlord’s written permission.   Denver Locksmith notes that in Canada and the U.S. locksmiths are certified and are aware of the laws governing them.  They know they must ask a building owner for permission to change a lock.

-          Discuss Security issues:  Landlords have obligations under the law, part of those obligations are to ensure the security of the property.  Denver Locksmith suggests a proactive approach.  Be constructive in your conversations with the landlord or his representative.  Denver Locksmith rule of thumb is not to add security features to your apartment without making an effort to include the landlord in the decision making process.

-          Use dispute mechanisms:  If you can not agree on what is best with respect to your apartment’s security contact professionals to help you mediate a resolution.  Usually these would be rental people on boards and in extreme cases legal counsel.


Above all  Denver Locksmith promotes the idea of honesty and open dialogue.  If you have had a break in, gotten locked out and or are dealing with a situation where a partner has been asked to leave let the landlord’s representative or the landlord himself know about it.   Denver Locksmith advises that you should contact the police and other professionals in the event that violence has occurred during a quarrel with a room mate or partner and if a break in has taken place.

Another tip from  Denver Locksmith is to consult with locksmiths and your landlord when it comes to changing out the locks.  Denver Locksmiths are in the business to help owners and renters work out solutions with respect to apartment security.  You can reach them at 303-562-0374.